So it is now 2013 - who has made some new year resolutions????? (Miss French - answer below)

What are you all doing for the holidays?
Remember to keep up your spelling, reading and basic facts practice ready for 2012 term - but do have other fun too!!!! (Miss French - answer below)

thanks so much teo for my spelling and zanskar my favorite part of camp was the touch tank because the water was cold. noelle

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My favourite thing on camp was dissecting the squid i was nervous at first but it was very fun and gooey from Rhianna
My favourite thing on camp was everything from Riley
I would travel to ancient Tibet when the Dalai lama live there.from zanskar

Good work Noelle for moving up a level on spelling. Teo
I would really like to go to egypt because it would be really cool to see what the spinx look like and live with a small window and eat on the floor from Rhianna
Hey everyone whats is favorite star wars character out of R2_2D anaikin and chewbacca. Jayden.
Hi everyone. What are you most looking forward to in the holidays?
Hi Miss French, I am looking forward to Christmas the most and not having to go to School!

Also I am excited because when we come back to school it won't be long until we are in our new house. What are you going to do for your holidays? From Jared
I am going to spend time with family and maybe a few trips to the beach - Miss French
HI everyone my neck name is jt call me jt next term ok.
Awesome Jared can't wat to see it when we drive past it. From Brookelyn

I'm not looking forward to Christmas no presents no tree no christmas dinner. Becky
But at least you will be having a long summer break!!!

I have to spend it all in Playcentre with 3 year olds and me just being ignored.
Poor you! Take some ear plugs!!!
The aquariam was awesome because we got to cut a squid. Get
room 3 rocks and the teachers are da bomb jt jt jthm.
what is you fav book?
Any of Jacqueline Wilson books.
Any Stacy Gregg books
I like Lord of the Rings and the Molly Moon series - Miss French
what is your fave music.jayden
I got Molly Moon and the Morphing Mystery when I got the Excellence award!!!
Katy Perry

Merry Christmas!!!
What did you get for christmas??

I got 3 boxes of chocolate, a my little pony watch (LOVE IT), St Trinians 2, makeup, fake nails and eyelashes, a diary, 1 gemstone (Clear quartz) a mobile phone, some hello kitty socks, a sheep smiggle rubber, a smiggle pig rubber, my ears pierced, dangly heart earrings, strawberry stud earrings, 10 dollars, a Betty Boop mug, some hello kitty pens, Madagascar the Movie, A proper jewellery box ( that was $106.99) and my other 10 teeth that were supposedly taken by the 'Tooth fairy' Becky
I got a book(LL)

What is you fav movie?
STAR WARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jt
St Trinians and St Trinians 2. (Are the best)
St Trinians (LL)