We should have a new flag for New Zealand. Discuss.

yes.because the other flag is boring but i only like the one with the black and white fern BY ALYSHA AND KEELEE
no. because the people that were in the first world war held our flag.
No. Because I like the flag we have now. By Saskia
yes because i do not like the flag we have by Alex
No I like the flag. Lilijana

‍‍‍‍‍‍Zoos are a bad thing? Discuss.‍‍‍
i like the zoos because it is a good experience for people that want to see animals.BY ALYSHA AND KEELEE
I like zoos because its keeps animals out of the wild and you can feed them alex
I don't like zoos because they keep animals locked up in cages and don't let them be in the wild. Saskia

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
we would be a kangaroo so we could kick everyone even the boys. BY ALYSHA AND KEEEE
i would be a cheetah so i could be the fastest in the world.alex
I would be a monkey so I could swing around in the jungle all day and night .lilijana
I would be a puppy so I could run and play all day.saskia
I would be be a jaguar so I could run around all day. Josh

What was the best and worst thing about Christmas and why?
the best thing about Christmas was i got an electric scooter and the worst thing about it was missing my family......... by alysha MERRY CHRISTMAS
The best thing about Christmas was I got some crafts the worst thing was I did not get what I wanted a I pod.
the best thing about Christmas was l got a go cart alex
the best thing about Christmas was I went wellington to see my dad the worst thing I really miss him -tarras
the best thing about Christmas was that I got what I wanted and the worst thing was my tooth falling out :) -ashlee
the best thing was I got a tablet for christmas and the worst was we had leftover pizza for lunch.BY KEELEE
the best thing about Christmas was being with my family and the worst thing about Christmas was that some of my cousins couldn't make it to our Christmas lunch, Saskia
I enjoyed our trip to Sydney, because I have never been before. I missed my family who are overseas. - Miss French
I got a ps3 game, but I was a bit sick in the morning. By Kaleb
I got a scooter but I missed my family overseas. Charlotte
the best thing about christmas was, I got a TV for my room. The worse thing was everyone was away on holiday so I had no one to play with. Abby